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Innovative remote monitoring solutions in healthcare

The expert partners for those designing remote monitoring
and diagnostic services for long-term and acute conditions

Championing innovative technology in healthcare

to deliver quicker and cost effective diagnosis enabling rapid treatment, reduced patient anxiety and ultimately save lives.

neoHealthTech is committed to improving patient care and saving lives

By providing innovative, remote monitoring solutions we help healthcare professionals diagnose and treat faster.

Reduced wait times. Reduced costs. Reduced patient anxiety.

For healthcare professionals

Our innovative remote monitoring solutions will…

  • Enable you to better align with the NHS long term plan because we understand the targets you need to meet
  • Give you your time back whilst also saving money by improving your existing system and allowing you to be more efficient
  • Help you stop the wait and stop the worry for your patients by offering faster diagnosis, which will enable you to provide rapid access to treatment

For manufacturers

We are the experts who truly understand the market and can implement your technology effectively because…

  • We have proven prolific access to NHS commissioning leads, as well as AHSN and innovation leads
  • We understand where the gaps are in service provision from a GP and commissioner perspective, and therefore know how best to meet these needs
  • We have in depth knowledge and understanding of the NHS infrastructure and the ongoing changes being driven in line with the NHS long term plan requirements

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Current remote monitoring solutions

Innovative technology making a difference

QardioCore - Holter ECG

Atrial fibrillation

neoHealthTech has partnered with Qardiocore to bring you the Qardiocore Holter ECG for use in primary care.



  • Rapid diagnosis allows the healthcare professional to provide quicker treatment
  • Live trace in real time
  • No initial investment
  • Simple fee structure
  • No skin prep required for patients
  • State of the art analytics platform

NightOwl + EctoSense - Sleep apnoea diagnosis tools

Sleep apnoea

Joint solution for sleep apnoea with Ectosense. neoHealthTech bring the NightOwl solution to diagnose sleep apnoea in primary care.



  • Diagnosis of sleep apnoea within 24 hours of completing the test
  • Rapid diagnosis allows the healthcare professional to provide quicker treatment
  • Simple wearable device
  • Comprehensive report
  • Hour by hour analysis
  • Apnoea/hypopnea index within diagnosis
  • No capital investment
  • Low cost per sleep study
  • Innovative analytics platform

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Concept Health and neoHealthTech brings the first pulmonary rehabilitation in virtual technology (PRinVR). The programme offers significant benefits to both the NHS and patients:

  • Increased compliance
  • Reduction in waiting times
  • Reduced hospital A&E attendances
  • Reduction in exacerbations
  • Reduction in length of stay
  • Reduction in hospital admissions

PRinVR will deliver more pulmonary rehabilitation programmes to patients compared to the conventional programme. Patients who choose this option will be able to access the programme one week from referral. Evaluation from the pilot scheme showed that patient retention rates improved by up to 80% – boosting patients’ independence and reducing the need for hospital visits.

Liver assessment

neoHealthTech is working in collaboration with Tawazun Health, the market leader in providing and delivering FibroScan® services wherever needed, giving physicians the advantage of this enhanced real-time liver assessment with immediate information available to advise the patients.

Our mission

To save patient lives through the use of innovative remote monitoring solutions

We partner with healthcare organisations to bring innovative products, which enable them to provide quicker and cost effective diagnosis. Quicker diagnosis can lead to rapid treatment, reduced patient anxiety, improved outcomes and ultimately saves lives.

Our values


We truly care about improving the lives of patients, by providing technology that can diagnose conditions faster, which can lead to rapid treatment.


We have credible relationships with healthcare professionals and a long history of partnering with the NHS to improve patient care.


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We are experts at sourcing relevant and beneficial products based on our knowledge of the conditions that keep both healthcare professionals and patients awake at night.


We have a team that can deliver with proven results.

The experts that care

The management team

Our team have over 50 years’ combined experience of unifying pharmaceutical and medical device companies with the NHS to improve patient treatment and outcomes.


Together, the team have worked tirelessly to bring valuable solutions to the NHS through neoNavitas Limited, and have identified a need to source innovative diagnostic technology to help healthcare professionals diagnose and treat faster.


neoHealthTech meets this need. We are enabling healthcare professionals to make a significant leap in advancing medicine, whilst reducing patient anxiety and ultimately saving lives.

The central operations team

We outsource our central operational functions to The Mayfair Bio-Hub, who have delegated authority to act on our behalf for the provision of the following services:

  • Legal
  • Contracting
  • Compliance
  • Corporate governance
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Branding and communications

When working with us, you will therefore liaise with The Mayfair Bio-Hub team on these matters.

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